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Creative Counsel helps you build a solid foundation for marketing based on what your customers’ value most; how you uniquely address those needs; and how you fit into where your industry is going.

Our strategic approach ensures that:
• your outreach campaigns resonate powerfully when delivered
• your institutional communications validate your market’s interest
• your operational teams response confirms that prospects have reached the right solution

Heightened awareness, increased response and top-line growth is your preliminary win

Sustainable Growth

When our professional services are added, you will not only grow bigger, you’ll grow stronger. Our network alliance partners are business growth experts dedicated to helping you become a learning organization that embraces change, implements operating controls and strives for continuous improvement.

Creating consistently positive customer experiences while maintaining profit margins through growth, results in sustainable market leadership

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Chris Casarona
Principal Advisor & Chief Creative Officer

My career began as a graphic designer with a goal of eliminating subjectivity in the creative process. I recognized that it was a key factor in establishing more effective dialog with clients, deeper solutions, and higher rates of response from their markets.

Today, that early goal has evolved into our strongest differentiator. We help businesses understand and define a unique position within their key markets. They learn how operational behavior is directly connected to their brand and the promise it makes to customers. The inclusivity of our processes results in team members feeling a renewed energy and connection to something bigger. Business owners also see the change with increased revenue, but more importantly, the increased market value of their companies.

We want to share our thinking, our processes, our people and our passion for the power of communications with you. What can you achieve?

Marc Passarelli
Creative Director

Many business owners have heard the term “good design is good business.” No one believes in this philosophy more than we do. With so many factors affecting a successful marketing program, the Creative Counsel team relies on me to maintain the highest level of design integrity in everything we do. From brand development to the institutional tools that expand information about your products and services, design represents a critical factor. For new customer acquisition, marketing campaigns would fail to attract sufficient attention without the provocative thinking associated with good design.

We look for companies with the courage to challenge conventional thinking. Leaders who recognize a need to stand out in a crowd will find our creative talent and strategic platform of great value. If you have something unique to offer your markets, consider a firm with unique capabilities to help you convert them.


Brian Hasenkamp
Digital Marketing

I cut my teeth in traditional ad agencies. Through them all, I noticed a consistent yet frustrating trend ­– company after company spending money on professional design without ever challenging the rationale behind them! The problem is that just because it “looks” good doesn’t mean it’s going to work.

I saw an opportunity to deliver high quality marketing services with clear and tangible benefits. These have grown to include the latest online marketing outlets including search and social channels. I find these tools especially useful because of the integrated tracking systems that exist inherently online. We have developed our own matrix for analyzing the effectiveness of these campaigns that include a key focus on quality of visitors, not just quantity.

Our strategies are built on the premise that honesty should be the foundation of all brand and marketing development. Honesty combined with a strategic understanding of the company and market can nurture powerful customer advocacy. If you’re looking to develop strategic customer relationships, built on trust, we can help.

Andrew Maser

In a crowded marketplace, with all sorts of products and services clamoring for attention, how can your company gain a toehold?

You have to make your case — state your value proposition — clearly and concisely. That’s where I, as a writer, come in. My job is to help clients communicate the concepts and messages that resonate with their target audiences, using the language they respond to. Even if that means occasionally dangling a preposition.

For guidance, I turn to the words of Mark Twain, who said, “The more you explain it, the more I don’t understand it” — a constant reminder that a clearly written paragraph is much more useful than five pages of redundant jargon.

At Creative Counsel, we listen closely to clients, for they know their products and services best. Through our unique processes and creative insights, we develop the most effective marketing strategies that enable businesses to tell their story in the most compelling way.

It’s all about gaining traction in the marketplace. When the power of the written word is leveraged, your company can achieve its objectives.

John Sheridan
Business Coach

When was your last flight on a commercial airliner? When you got on board, did you feel safe?

Imagine this scenario on your next flight: You get on the plane, sit down comfortably in your seat and look up into the cockpit. You watch as the pilot comes on board and steps into the cockpit. But, then he freezes in his tracks, looks around bewildered and says, “Whoa! What are all of these dials and instruments for?!” Uh-oh. He fumbles around, finds the flight manual and frantically starts leafing through it as the cabin door closes. You are stuck. Yet, somehow the plane manages to take off. Now, how do you feel?

Amazingly, many businesses are run the same way. As the pilot, you start it up, get it going and, through sheer hard work, one day it takes off and gets to 10,000 feet. The daily distractions and general chaos pull you in so many different directions that control of the plane is left to chance. But how long can that last? You might be okay for a little while, but there are a lot of things you can crash into at that altitude.

What worked for you yesterday is not necessarily going to work for you today. We need to work ON your business with a systematic approach to build profit and get it up to 30,000 feet. There it is safe to turn on the autopilot. And you can sit back, monitor the instruments and enjoy the ride. Decide to start your journey now.

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