Admiration Foods, owned by Stratas Foods, is a leading producer of a wide variety of oils, sauces, mayonnaise and cooking ingredients supplying some of the largest entertainment venues and retail chain restaurants in the world.

Their success in the realm of global giants is nothing short of miraculous. With a history dating back over 75 years, Admiration benefits from a unique mix of manufacturing prowess, a strong distribution capability, and a commitment to only using the best ingredients in their products. Their challenge was communicating this formidable value proposition.

Creative Counsel formulated a unique strategy through research, internal inquiry, and competitive analysis to help Admiration Foods deliver a concise message “Good food doesn’t have to be expensive”. The timing was excellent as their markets needed quality but were feeling the pinch of a stagnant economy.

The creative team bolstered this position with an easy and approachable animated illustration that leveraged Admirations key differentiators. Next was the development of a modern and mobile responsive website that included the automation of hundreds of content rich product specification sheets. This database driven solution elevated Admiration’s agility in supporting both customers and their internal sales team.

Now this food manufacturers communications are as admirable as their products.


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